Account receivables redemption

Komercijalna banka offers its clients an option to redeem their account receivables in the form of factoring and bill discounting.




Factoring is a financial transaction where the Bank redeems  short-term cash receivables for goods sold or services provided before they are due, with a maximum maturity period in accordance with the law.

Factoring is intended for clients that have entered into commercial contracts and/or have maintained a successful cooperation with their customers/debtors and wish to sell to the Bank their undue and undisputed short-term receivables in order to obtain additional working capital, increase liquidity, improve their creditworthiness. 


Bill discounting


Bill discounting is an efficient method of securing liquid funds for current business operations.

Komercijalna banka discounts bills of exchange issued primarily from creditworthy and first class clients with the payee’s right to recourse.

The bank discounts the promissory notes that have been fully endorsed to Komercijalna banka.