About Us

Welcome to the big family of Komercijalna Banka!

We are proud to present Komercijalna Banka: 47 years of security, successful business, banking products and services according to your needs and the highest European standards. All these years we grow and build the bank for our people, customers and partners.

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Komercijalna Banka: so much power, security and trust in one place...

The share capital of  335,4 and a total capital of over 519,1 million EUR makes us the second largest bank in the country that operates equally well with people and with the largest corporations - in the country and abroad.

All our customers dispose of the banking team of nearly 3 000 employees, trained in all banking transactions. Many of them are very skillful in dealing with national and international financial flows, experienced banking professionals, and ambitious young bankers, educated and trained in the country and abroad.

Services for domestic and foreign companies and financial institutions

Komercijalna Banka AD Belgrade has an active role not only in national but also in the international payments. Through accounts opened with the world first-class banks, Komercijalna Banka fully meets all the needs of cross-border transactions by order of customers.

Nearly 100,000 corporate customers, from small entrepreneurs to the largest companies, including a large number of foreign financial institutions and organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, charitable organizations, civic associations, achieve their development plans by working with our bank...

Contribution to the community

Komercijalna Banka continuously directs a significant portion of its resources into the projects of social responsibility, either through solving problems of the most vulnerable people in our environment, or by helping talented individuals and groups, and the most successful representatives of our sport, science and the arts.

Our people are our most valuable capital!

We have dedicated our knowledge and resources to our customers, striving to provide the superior products and services for them. The strength and safety of our bank rely on you, our present and future satisfied customers. Therefore we will relentlessly continue trying to justify your trust. We want to be your support point, safe and powerful partner on whom you can rely in any situation.

Join us, we are eagerly expecting you.